Who Am I?


I'm a software application developer specializing in iOS application development. I was an orientation leader, a chemistry teacher assistance, and a chemistry researcher while studying for a degree in Biochemistry at Stony Brook University. Instead of pursuing a higher education degree after college, I decided to search for my passionate career. I love creative D.I.Y. projects, and I looked into coding as a way to express my creativity. Now I'm an iOS developer with a passion for creating exciting user experiences.



Software Development Engineer, Newark, NJ

July 2018 - Present


Junior Application Developer, Motus Global Inc, Rockville Center, NY

August 2017 - April 2018 

● Develop a Bluetooth sensor-based product to be utilized by athletes for measuring their metrics
●  Work with front-end Objective C frameworks with a team of 3 to implement new features biomechanical industry


iOS Developer Intern, Baron Fig, Long Island City, NY

May 2017 - July 2017

Explored, planned and executed on new ideas and functionalities for a startup in the notebook industry

Developed with front end Swift/frameworks with the CTO to implement new features


iOS Developer Intern, Chefs of the Future, Inc., Fords, NJ

April 2017 - July 2018

Developing an app that allows comic lovers an app to view comics

Implementing AWS Push Notification for the Comic Chameleon App in Objective-C and Swift code base


iOS Development Fellowship, Coalition For Queens, Long Island City, NY

August 2016 - June 2017

● Graduated from a highly competitive Google-funded software engineering program whose graduates have been hired as iOS developers at leading companies such as Blue Apron, Capital One, and Spotify.

● Completed an intensive 10-month project-based iOS development curriculum designed by engineers from Vice, Facebook, Yahoo, Artsy, and LinkedIn. Topics included Swift, Git, Data Structures, Algorithms, APIs, and tech principles and culture.



Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry, Stony Brook, NY

Stony Brook University


WanderPost (Click Here)

 ● Worked on a team of three to build a location anchored social media app that allows users to view posts in augmented reality.

 ● Set up custom UIMapView, UITableView, UITableViewCells, UIButtons, UIViews and UIImageViews to build the front-end architecture of the app.

 ● Built UI according to the design wireframe, developed animations, and used AVFoundation library.

 ● Modified an existing CocoaPod to create custom looks.

 ● Managed the team toward deadlines, organized tasks in Trello, and conducted daily stand-ups as a project manager.

Bite Your Thumb (Click Here)

 ● Developed an app that provides template phrases with a profanity language filter to allow users to share custom Mad Libs-style messages as part of four.

 ● Developed the front-end architecture, including custom animations and gestures and keyboard notifications.

 ● Added a profanity filter and implemented live updating of text.

JashBoard (Click Here)

 ● Worked on a team of four to develop an application that allows users to upload images, view other users’ uploaded images, and upvote and downvote images.

 ● Created an upload view screen that allows users to view and select library photos to upload to Firebase.

 ● Added a tap gesture recognizer to handle the dismissal of keyboard, and implemented Core Animation on the register view screen.

ZamHack (Click Here)

Developed an integrated, fully mobile notification and monitoring system that allows neighborhood watch, security teams, or roving journalists to keep tabs on local events.

Won second place in the 2017 DevWeekNY's Zang challenge, and honorable mention in the 2017 DevWeekNY's Wowza challenge.


Skip to 1:36:20 to see the my WanderPost App Presentation.